A dream becomes reality

A group of parents who met with their toddlers in the city library back in 2015 experienced the feeling of being able to achieve something, when together with the city administration managed to establish a public space for early childhood and family. Now the same parents have a new, even more ambitious idea: the initiative for a Waldorf kindergarten in Marsala.

“Whatever you can do or dream to do, start with it!” (Goethe)

We are ready to start, with enthusiasm and slowness, with respect for the natural rhythms and also the resistance that every change brings. We are motivated by the desire to create a kindergarten where our children are treated with equal respect for their innate needs:

“The educator must work in such a way that he does not merely represent the true, the good and the beautiful to the child, but is what he is, the child, not what he teaches him.” (Steiner)